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General information
Name meaning Swahili for "Leopard"
Species African leopard (Panthera pardus pardus)
Gender Male
Age Two and a half years (as of page 33)
Birthplace Unknown
Current residence Roamer in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Fate Living
Peculiar traits Notch on left ear

Wears a tracking collar

First appearance Test Page (prerelease)

Page 31 (officially)

Rivals Africa
Relatives Unnamed grandparents,
Jua (mother), Tofauti (father),
unnamed half-brother,
unnamed aunt
Voiced by

Chui is a large, massive, well-muscled male African leopard, a resident of Ngorongoro Crater in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. He is the main antagonist in the Africa comic.

Physical appearance[]

Chui appears like a big, muscular, sturdy African leopard with very rough, square shapes. He looks very bulky and massive, but nimble and agile at the same time. He has square cheek fur, muzzle and ears, the left one also features a notch on its tip, left by Africa. His fur is dark tan in its upper part, and dull beige in its lower one, and it features large, scattered, square rosettes. A streak of dark brown fur runs along his spine starting from his nose up to the base of his tail, which features black rings of fur. Chui's eyes are shaped like half-moons and are bright amber in colour. This male leopard wears a brown leather tracking collar with an antenna coming out of its side, a light grey buckle and a radiowave-emitting device with a glowing green light on it.


Chui makes fun of Giza.

Sly, cunning and arrogant, Chui is very self-confident and uses his bulk to intimidate his opponents, well convinced that few animals would dare get in a fight against him. He uses his ill reputation to obtain what he wants, and doesn't hesitate to lie, betray and kill in order to achieve his goals. He is said to bring bad luck to whoever meets him. For this reason, most animals tend to avoid him. Those who don't will try their hardest to befriend him, to avoid the bad luck. Chui obviously doesn't miss the chance to take advantage of this situation. His favourite hobbies are stealing from Africa's territory and annoying Africa herself. He loves eating hare meat.


As of Chapter One []

Chui's comic debut.

Chui makes his debut appearance by the end of the first chapter, after Giza leaves Lerai Forest. He is spotted among the tall grass by Nadira, who wonders what he is up to. Chui stares intently at Giza and, knowing she won't defend her territory, he marks it as his own, without noticing that this is actually Africa's land now. The young leopard leaps at him and scratches his ears, leaving a small notch and making Chui run away with surprise. As he walks away in the rain, Giza, sitting on a nearby rock, watches him go with an unreadable expression.


With Africa []

Starting from their very first encounter, Chui and Africa have always shared a relationship characterized by conflict and rivalry. Chui's aim is to obtain Africa's land, Lerai Forest, and his stubborness leads him to persist despite her continuous threats. Chui is not intimidated by Africa, as he can easily overpower her, but rather considers her a nuisance, someone who keeps intruding and interfering with his hunting. For this reason, Chui hardly ever takes Africa's threats seriously, and enjoys making fun of her most of the times.



"If it isn't my favourite kitty, Africa."
—Chui to AfricaTest Page


  • Chui and Africa are the only characters who have debuted in the comic before the actual plot started, as they have both appeared in the Test Page.
  • Initially, Chui was not meant to wear a tracking collar, as shown in the Test Page. The collar was added later on in order to fill a plot hole, and part of Chui's backstory was also filled thanks to this addition.
  • Chui is one of few characters whose name has never changed during the development of the comic. He shares this trait with AfricaKafil and Paa.

Family tree[]

Chui's Family Tree

unnamed mother
unnamed father
unknown mate
unnabed cub
unnamed cub

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