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Jua as depicted by Aspi-galou
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General information
Name meaning Swahili for "Sun"
Species African leopard (Panthera pardus pardus)
Gender Female
Birthplace Unknown
Current residence Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Fate Deceased (killed by Tofauti)
Peculiar traits
First appearance Does not appear in Africa
Allies Tofauti (formerly)
Rivals Tofauti
Relatives Yeye mother,
unnamed sister,
unnamed mate, Tofauti (mate),
unnamed cub (from first mate),
Chui (son, with Tofauti)
Voiced by

Jua was a slim, gentle female African leopard, a resident of Ngorongoro Crater in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. She was Chui's mother. This character was created by  Aspi-Galou on DeviantART.

Physical appearance[]



Before the events of the comic[]

Jua's mother was old when she gave birth to her. It was obvious that the little female will probably mark her last litter. Jua had a litter sister, but she did not survive the night, because she was too weak. Jua felt that her mother was slowly reaching the end of her life. The female was quite strict with her, telling her everything a leopard must know, training her far more harshly than her other children. Jua knew her mother was afraid she might reach adulthood unprepared, so Jua spared no efforts to make her proud of her, and to allow hher to continue her lineage.

Finally, when her mother died from a hunting accident, Jua was ready to live. Similarly, she had already distanced herself from her mother, only returning to proclaim her territory as her own.

Her life was perfectly normal. Chaining hunts, survival, combat and maternity. Like her mother before her, Jua was strict with her children, but softer. She educated her young with an iron fist in a velvet glove. One cub in particular was more energetic and brilliant than the others. He was Jua's favourite. She was a model mother who gave everything for her young, Sometimes bordering death for them because she was willing to give her life for them. And that was what happened.

Her first encounter with Tofauti was not the most pleasant but the young that resulted exceeded all expectations. Strong, powerful, smart, intelligent ... A leopard that will be a great one, and who will smoothly allow his lineage to persist. She named him Chui, and taught him hard as her mother before her, but with a hint of softness

Her first, energetic cub had already left her to embrace his life as an adult, and Chui himself was growing into a fine youngster, who was about to face the harsh wilderness. Because Tofauti, shaken by the desire to mate, felt the urge to kill Chui, the cub he had had with Jua so that his mother could become fertile for him again. Jua would not allow it and confronted the male who openly showed her his madness. Her life was ended, but Chui was alive, and so was her first cub. Both were well trained: Tofauti never found them, until one day, Jua's eldest cub found him.


Jua's philosophy is "A job well done always has an outcome, however hard it might be." Referring to her elderly mother who trained her to be wary of dangers before she is ready to face them.


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