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General information
Name meaning Swahili for "Rare"
Alias "Witch", "Stem-chewer" (by Giza)
Species Thomson's gazelle (Eduorcas thomsonii)
Gender Female
Age six years (as of page 17)
eight years (as of page 33)
eleven years (page 34 on)
Birthplace Unknown
Current residence Lerai Forest, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Fate Living
Peculiar traits Blind
First appearance Page 5
Allies Africa (formerly),
her herd, Abasi, Kafil, Hazina, the zebras
Rivals Giza
Enemies Africa, Chui
Relatives Paa (son), Pembe (mate)
Voiced by

Nadira is a tiny, sturdy-looking female Thomson's gazelle, a resident of Lerai Forest in Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Conservation Area. She is Paa's mother.

Physical appearance[]

Nadira a is small, thin and gracious gazelle, with a tiny, elongated head from which two short, sturdy horns just out. She has a long neck and a little body, with thin, frail-looking, bony legs and a short tail. Her fur is golden brown in its upper part and light cream on her throat, legs and belly. In the middle runs the typical stripe that characterizes her species, and that is brown in colour, like her hooves and tail. Nadira has a golden-brown "helmet" marking on her head, and a dark brown stripe behind each of her eyes, that are amber in colour. As she ages, the tip of her muzzle gradually turns white, and she loses her eyesight.



Calm, patient and wise, Nadira is rarely seen angry or frowning. She is devoted to her herd and would do anything to protect them, especially her son, Paa. However, she is also driven by an unusual curiosity, that could often get her into trouble. Fiercely interested in everything that surrounds her, Nadira quickly makes friends with many other species of animals, including predators, like leoopards. The knowledge of her philosophy gives her confidence, but like all gazelles, she is easily startled by sudden noises or movements. 


Before the event of the comics[]

As of Chapter One []


With Giza []

With Africa []

With Paa []


"Trees bloom, green grass turns yellow, and day gives in to night. Everything changes."
—Nadira[page 10]


"My eyesight might have grown poor, but I can still smell and hear you just fine, little one."
—Nadira to Africa[page 21]
"Don't be hasty, honey. Remember, good things come for those who wait."
—Nadira to Paa, about finding a mate[page 34]


  • During comic development, Nadira's name was changed multiple times. Her initial name was Kasi, later changed to Hawla, then Hima, then, finally, Nadira.

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