Okavango as depicted by Aspi-Galou
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General information
Name meaning Named after the omonimous river
Species African leopard (Panthera pardus pardus), melanistic variant
Gender Male
Age Few minutes (at death)
Birthplace Lerai Forest
Current residence Lerai Forest, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Fate Deceased (stillborn)
Peculiar traits
First appearance Does not appear in Africa
Allies none
Rivals none
Enemies none
Relatives Sahara (maternal grandmother),
Giza (mother), unnamed father
Namibia (sister),
Kenya, Kalahari (half-brothers),
Botswana, Africa (half-sisters)
Voiced by

 Okavango was a male leopard cub with an unknown description. He was Giza's son from her second litter, along with his sister Namibia. He died immediately after his birth. 

He was never given an official design by Arven, however, Aspi-Galou on DeviantART gave him one.

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