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General information
Name meaning Swahili for "Different"
Species African leopard (Panthera pardus pardus)
Gender Male
Age Four years (at death)
Birthplace Unknown
Current residence Roamer in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Fate Deceased (killed by Jua's first son)
Peculiar traits Scar on right eye
First appearance Does not appear in Africa
Allies Jua (formerly), Nafasi (formerly)
Rivals Tumaini, Jua, Nafasi
Enemies All animals
Relatives Jua (mate),
Chui (son),
unnamed offsprings
Voiced by

Tofauti was a large, bulky, aggressive male African leopard, a resident of Ngorongoro Crater in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. He was Chui's father. This character was created by  Aspi-Galou on DeviantART.

Physical appearance[]



Before the events of the comic[]

Tofauti was born in captivity in a rehabilitation center for leopards in their natural habitat. From the beginning, it was obvious that he was odd. Even his own mother had sensed it, and from birth, she repulsed him and prevented humans from approaching as they tried to let the small cub suckle with his other siblings. It was obvious that there was a problem, but each individual was too valuable to the survival of the species, so Tofauti was bottle-fed and placed in a pen where he could stay close to his fellows. He grew up to the standard, but always got bored of doing the same thing and eating the same tasteless meat. He quickly became a tricky animal to handle, and could explode at any time, showing incredible aggression, making him a vicious and unpredictable animal.

It was a relief for men when it was decided to dive into the deep end, Tanzania, in the reserve located in Ngorongoro Crater. Everything was done to his release. He was a beautiful male of four years, at the height of his power and of his age. To keep track, he was given a radio collar, but it was to no avail. Realizing that he had not moved from the place where they laid him, the men went out to see, and found the shredded collar, abandoned there. The humans, in their benevolence, had no idea they had initiated the reign of the crazy Tofauti.

Shaken by deep psychological disorders, Tofauti wandered around the crater, killing in a vain attempt to fight against his growing boredom. He loved killing. He loved feeling the thrill of the hunt and the joy of killing. Soon this became like a drug. For his well-being, he had to kill. And he went on the step above: hunt down and kill predators. 

It was in one of his hounding that he met Tumaini, a male four years older than him. Playing with him was the pinnacle of happiness, but the spirit of youth and the strength of his instincts of murder could not be outweighed by the experience and the malice of the older, experienced male. He would have almost killed him, but Tumaini, with a vicious swipe, scratched Tofauti's right eye, leaving a nasty wound, rendering him permanently blind. The pain made him mad and blinded by fury. And when he got to his senses, his prey had disappeared. In vain he sought and tracked him. But he came across two females, one red and one clear with whom he mated more or less by force before retiring. 

He never forgot the bitter suffering imposed by Tumaini. Sometimes he entered aggressive madness, he attacked a tree or a poor animal that had the misfortune of walking by. Tofauti was painfully familiar to females. Because often plagued by the desire to mate, he vented on small families, killed the little ones who were often his own, forcing the female to accept him, otherwise he would kill them. 

He felt invincible, untouchable in his aggressiveness feared by all. 

His latest victim signed his death warrant. This was the mother of Chui, sweet Jua, who wanted to protect her sons, and ended up paying for with her own life. Despite all his efforts, Tofauti was unable to find her two offsprings. Jua had taught them too well to survive. They were like vanished. And finally, it was under the claws and fangs of Jua's first son that his reign of terror came to an end.  

This son making him taste the suffering and death that he knew so well how to inflict on others... 


Tofauti's philosophy is that the stronger survives and the weaker dies. It is best to seize the moment, and if you cannot adapt, find somewhere else to live.


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